Essential Oils for Pets

Essential Oils

Anyone who has a pet can learn from this instructional video!

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You’re passionate about your pets, so all-natural, non-toxic products are the only option. Give your four-legged friends shampoo, essential oils, and other products designed especially for them.

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Pet Reflexology DVD

My name is Kiannaa Leighland.

In 1988 I decided to change to a career more suited to my personality and went to school to become a Massage Therapist, and thus began a career in the Healthcare field. I taught and helped others to accomplish their dreams of owning and working their own massage business. I also founded the first Washington State approved Reflexology School in Camas, Washington.

In 1992 I acquired a Yorkie who changed my life. I used my knowledge of Reflexology in humans to enhance the health and wellbeing of that very ill Yorkie. While caring for this awesome Yorkie, he guided me to make a map of our furry pet's paws to help other animals.

I have taught all over the world…South Africa, Australia, Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland, Brazil and the United States to name a few.

When I was introduced to Young Living in 1997, I included Essential Oils in Pet Reflexology and I've never looked back! I’m excited to be focused on helping others succeed in their dreams and improving the health of their pets.